How It Works

When you choose Itching For Etching to provide you with your custom etched tumblers, you are choosing more than just a unique product that everyone will love — you are choosing a company that is passionate about what they do, a process that ensures the best results, and high-quality products that you will be 100 percent satisfied with. Our customizable tumblers are designed how you want and perfect for remembering the good times. Use these personalized travel mugs to mark a special moment in your life, celebrate a big anniversary, or to bring your friends and family closer. Whatever your reason for purchasing custom etched tumblers may be, know that when you choose Itching For Etching, you will be getting the best quality product possible.

Knowing a bit more about our process of creating your custom tumblers can allow you to feel confident that you will receive quality stainless steel tumblers that meet your needs and standards. We will provide you with etched mugs that you and everyone else will love! So, let’s take a closer look at our process and how to choose the right design for your custom tumblers.

Before you get started, you must think about who these tumblers are for. While there is nothing wrong with getting a personalized stainless steel mug for yourself, we started this company to provide awesome, customized gifts for wedding parties, but our business took off and we quickly started supplying these custom tumblers at businesses, family reunions, vacation, and many more events. Choosing who you want to get these for should be the simple part! Whether you are part of a club, on a sports team, or have a group of friends that have been together for years, these could make the perfect gift. Once you have decided, you can get started on the process of creating your custom tumbler.

Step 1: Choose Your Tumbler

After you decide that a tumbler will make the perfect customizable gift for you, your friends, and your family, it is time to start planning your tumbler. At Itching For Etching, we offer three different brands that come in three different sizes. While all of the brands we carry provide popular and high-quality products, we know that having an option is important because people love certain brands! The three tumbler brands that we carry are YETI, RTIC, and Ozark Trail.

Not sure what the difference is between these three brands and their stainless steel travel mugs? We will break it down for you:



Ozark Trail

18/8 stainless steel 18/8 stainless steel  18/8 stainless steel
Double-wall vacuum insulation Double-wall vacuum insulated Double-wall vacuum-sealed
Magnetic lid for easy open and close Airtight seal and splash proof lid Shatter-proof lid

As you can tell, all of these tumbler brands are high-quality and built to last, choosing the brand may come down to a small factor like price, style, or simply the brand name. Whichever stainless steel mug you do choose, you will still receive a high quality product that is personalized just for you! Now for the size.

At Itching For Etching, we offer three sizes for each brand. You can choose from a 12 ounce, 20 ounce, or 30 ounce tumbler.

The 12 Ounce Colster

The 12 ounce colster is a slightly different product than the 20 and 30 ounce tumblers. The colster is designed to hold a 12 ounce can or bottle and keep it ice cold for hours. This is a great product to bring camping, to barbecues, on the lake, or anywhere else that you may find yourself enjoying a cold beverage. The lid of this colster unscrews and fits over a bottle or can to screw it securely into place.

Benefits of the 12 ounce colster:

  • Safely and securely holds cans and bottles
  • Keeps beverages cold
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures

If you find yourself enjoying canned or bottled drinks regularly, this may be the best choice for you.

The 20 Ounce Tumbler

The 20 ounce tumbler is different from the colster for one main reason. Instead of having the ability to hold cans and bottles, this tumbler can hold any beverage and keep hot drinks hot and cold drink ice cold. This is a great choice for those who want to use this personalized mug on a daily basis. It can be used for coffee on the morning commute, for water throughout the day, or for a cold drink during a weekend barbecue. This is not limited to cans and bottles.

Benefits of the 20 ounce tumbler:

  • Keeps cold drinks cold
  • Keeps hot drinks hot
  • Can be used for any drink

If you want an Itching For Etching product that can do more than keep your canned and bottled beverage cold, this is the perfect choice!

The 30 Ounce Tumbler

Like the 20 ounce tumbler, this stainless steel mug can hold a variety of beverage options while keeping them the temperature you desire. This 30 ounce tumbler is just the 20 ounce mug’s big brother. It can hold more of the morning commute coffee on the days you need an extra boost, it can keep you hydrated by holding more water, and help you relax by providing you with more of the barbecue beverage.

Benefits of the 30 ounce tumbler:

  • Holds more of your favorite beverages
  • Keeps hot drinks hot
  • Keeps cold drinks cold

If you are looking for a mightier tumbler that can hold more of your favorite beverages, the 30 ounce stainless steel mug is the best option for you!

When choosing which size you want, you have to consider a few things — the reason you are getting this personalized tumblers, as well as when and how they will be used most often. This should help you choose the right size for your custom mugs!

Step 2: Place Your Order
Once you have decided your tumbler’s brand and size, it is time to make the order. If you are getting a personalized tumbler for yourself, all you have to do is continue to check out! If you are getting for a group of people, like your siblings, extended family, old high school friends, bowling team, your book club, or any other group of people you want to share these awesome tumblers with, you will want to select the number of tumblers you will need!

Step 3: Choose Your Design

Choosing your design is the fun part! Get creative, have fun, and make your design personal to you or your group. If you are getting these tumblers for your knitting club, create a design that includes knitting needles, yarn, or something else that represents your group. The fun part about the design is that it is custom and personal to you.

To plan the custom etching on your tumblers, you will want to answer a few questions:

  1. What are these tumblers for?
  2. Who will be using these tumblers?
  3. Does your group already have a logo or design to represent them?
  4. Do you want a one- or two-sided design?
  5. Do you need help with your design?

Let’s start with the last question. If you need help with your design, contact Itching For Etching now. We have designers ready to help you create a unique design that will be perfect for you or your club.

Think about your design carefully. If you are getting these custom etched tumblers for a group of people, think about those who will be receiving them and how they will feel about the design. Some designs may not be appropriate for all parties, some may be interpreted differently, but others may be perfect. Think about who will be receiving these tumblers before deciding on a design.

You can also choose to have your custom tumblers to be etched on one-side or two-sides. One-sided designs are good for most of your groups, clubs, and friend groups, but two-sided designs could be good for other reasons. If you are getting these tumblers to give to your extended family during the 10th annual family reunion, having a two-sided design could allow you to put names on one side and a family crest on the other. This will help everyone keep track of their own tumbler while having something that represents the entire family!

When you have a design selected, you will send it to us! We prefer specific file types including:

  • EPS
  • AI

However, we accept all different file types, including the popular types like PNG, JPG, TIF, and .jpeg. Once you send us your design file, you will make a digital example of your etched mugs and allow you to approve the look before we get to work. We want to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with what you see and what we can provide.

Once you approve the design, we will get to work. At Itching For Etching, we offer a quick turnover time, meaning you will not have to wait a long time to receive your custom etched mugs. They will be shipped in five to seven days, allowing you to get them just in time for your next reunion, club meeting, friend trip, or for your own use!

Step 4: Enjoy your Custom Tumbler

The final step is to enjoy your stainless steel mug. Having customized products is a great way to bring a group together, promote your brand, or make your family have a closer bond. At Itching For Etching, we put a ton of effort into our custom tumblers to ensure you are getting the best products possible. We want you to be satisfied with the results and use this custom tumbler on a daily basis!

Whether you order a bunch for the people in your family, the friends you spend weekends camping with, or the group you read works of literature with, we are sure they will love these custom tumblers as well. Custom products have a way of making people feel a sense of belonging and helps to build stronger bonds with other people. These custom tumblers could be the perfect gifts for any and all of your groups!

Get high quality, custom tumblers from Itching For Etching. We will provide you with etched stainless steel mugs that you will want to use every day. By using the best products in the industry, we can guarantee that you get a tumbler that performs great and looks beautiful! Start customizing yours today and be sure to spread the love and share these awesome etched tumblers with your favorite people.

If you are looking for a unique and personalized gift for your company, club, family, team, or just a group of friends, Itching For Etching can help! We will provide you with the most popular name brand tumblers that are custom engraved with your unique design. Start shopping our products today and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have! We look forward to helping you and providing you with these useful and custom products.